Clash Royale Review

Review: Clash Royale Is Insanely Addictive!

By now, half of the world knows about Clash of Clans, and Supercell probably just wants the same for Clash Royale, which is a real-time card-based multiplayer game that deals with tower defense. Here’s a quick take on the game aspects.

Amazingly short matches

Clash Royale ensures players are really invested, with matches completed in three minutes at the max. There are just two lanes in each match, one for the player and other for the opponent. Each player has three castles/towers, and the aim is to destroy the opponent in a bigger and better way, while protecting individual towers. Thankfully, there are no heroes here, but different cards, which work like troops and can be deployed at the desired place for an attack.

By default, there are eight units/cards, but a few are revealed with further play. As players get higher, they get access to more cards. Crowns are rewarded for opponent’s destroyed towers. Equally expected, there are in-app purchases, which allows players to buy cards, as needed.

Fun Challenges for every match

While Clash Royale may seem familiar, it is darn addictive. There’s an elixr meter in the game, which sets a limit for the amount of cards that can be used at a time, and thereby, the game tests the player for timing and positioning of available troops/cards. The randomness in card selection makes strategy so much important for every single match. Players also earn chests, which gives them currency and new cards. Cards can be used to change the deck, while coins can be used to go high on the level.

Great design

Supercell has worked hard on Clash Royale to offer a speedy gaming premise, and the game doesn’t really have any lags even between the matches. Of course, it takes a couple of matches to understand the cards and the ways they can be implemented in a strategy, all within a span of three minutes.

Final verdict

Clash Royale is addictive for the right reasons, and for three minute games that demand extensive strategy, this one is likely to give players enough reasons to take frequent loo breaks at work!

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