Cube Escape Birthday Walkthrough

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Cube Escape Birthday Walkthrough

Cube Escape: Birthday Part 1

  1. Tap the balloon.
  2. The ballon will drop under the fridge.
  3. Collect the balloon and place it under the water tap, fill water.
  4. Now open the fridge and put the balloon inside and collect it after it became ice cube.
  5. Collect the matches under the sink.
  6. Tap the drawer beside the door.
  7. Collect the knife.
  8. Collect the screwdriver.
  9. Tap and collect a letter from the middle of the door.
  10. Tap and the letter.
  11. Collect a stamp from it.
  12. Read the letter, it got the clue of “9".
  13. Tap the cake.
  14. Use knife and slice the cake to 9 pieces, answer in the picture.
  15. Collect a piece of cake.
  16. Give father the cake, and he will give a needle.
  17. Open the cabinets and collect a whiskey.
  18. Pour a glass of whiskey for grandfather.
  19. Add some ice cubes for him too.
  20. Tap the “Rusty Lake Theatre" picture and place the mini game, it’s play like tetris.
  21. Collect the dropped disc.
  22. Tap the music player.
  23. Collect the chewing gum.
  24. Place the disc.
  25. Insert the needle to the music player.
  26. Tap the needle again to let it move to the top of disc.
  27. Tap and play the music.
  28. Now tap grandfather and let him dance.
  29. Collect the stamp under grandfather.
  30. Give mother some chewing gum and use screwdriver to make it explode, collect the chewing gum from mother’s mouth.
  31. Listen the phone call while it’s ringing.
  32. Now back to mother’s room and listen the birthday song.

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