Cut The Rope 2 Review

Review: Cut The Rope 2 Reassures The Love For Physics PuzzlesCut The Rope 2 Review

Are you ready to feed some candies to Om Nom?  Here’s a quick take on the amazing stuff that Cut the Rope 2 has to offer!

The fun ride with Om Nom

The much famed character returns to his fantasy world, where spiders have stolen all his candies, and the player must find a way to get him to the candies. Naturally, Cut the Rope 2 seems a close replica of the prequel, thanks to the game-play, which includes cutting the ropes to balance the candies, but the levels are far more attention-grabbing and well-conceived.

Play along the new beasties!

The tasks have been defined in the same way as the prequel, but there are a few new elements to add to the mix. There are balloons, which can be added to lift up stuff, and after the first 10 levels or so, one must look for a definitive strategy to help Om Nom in gobbling those candies. Not to forget, there are some new creatures, five to be precise, that will help Nom with his adventures. Also, as you bring the candy closer to Om Nom, you have to collect three stars on the way, which does call for smart strategy.

Cut The Rope 2 Gameplay


Imaginative and captivating

Cut the Rope 2 works greatly for the love of physics puzzles, although not much has changed in the second app. The graphics are pretty much great, with the same kind of theme, but almost certainly with better color saturation.

Flipped on originality

To be honest, Cut the Rope 2 might not bring anything new to the premise like its predecessor, but the puzzles are well conceptualized. However, players may feel restless with some levels, given that the complications are many and the answers don’t seem pretty obvious. The only flip side is the in-app purchases, which might seem too essential, but players can do without extra money, as long as they are patient with the advanced levels.

Final verdict

While you don’t get more of new candies here, but the old stuff is nicely updated for some more fun. Cut the Rope 2 ensures that Om Nom continues to be a favorite.

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