How to Play – Word Streak with Friends

Word Streak with Friends is a timed competition game based in finding words from a set of letters, first released in January 2012 by Zynga. Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and British English, the game records one million daily users, as well as five million monthly users, and is advertised as the most popular mobile word game.

Playing Word Streak with Friends

Game Setup
The basis of Word Streak exists in a 4×4 grid of letters, through which the player can drag between letters to create words scoring different values. A player collects points on the game through a variety of factors. Like Scrabble, another popular word creating game, extra points are rewarded for rare or difficult letters, such as Q, Z, and X. The player has two minutes to find as many words possible within the set. Length of the word, letters used, and number of words found within the time limit will most heavily contribute towards the player’s score total.

Modes of Playing
On the game server, there are four different modes that a player can choose from to play.

  • Head-to-Head: In this mode, the player can challenge a specific friend to a one-on-one battle. Friends are found through Facebook, or the player can opt for Smart Match through Word Streak for the app to match the player with a player of a similar level. In Head-to-Head games, each player alternates each round for three rounds each. In the first round, no player will have bonus tiles. However, double letter, triple letter, and word bonus tiles are available in the second and third round. Players can also chat with their opponents.
  • Daily Challenge: Every day, Work Streak offers a new challenge for players to take. Each challenge offers a new goal for the player to reach, may be holiday themed, or involve speed challenges. Achieving success in the daily challenges may earn prizes such as tickets, coins, or Power Ups. If a player completed five daily challenges in a row, they will have the opportunity to win bigger prizes.
  • Tournaments: Players play against seven other competitors in a real-time competition. Challengers are paired in a three-round draw. Each player is then able to view their opponent’s stats, and decide how many Power Ups to use. Players are not allowed to pause during the two-minute round, and the winner of each pairing continues onto the next round.
  • Solo Play: Players can train with The Coach to build up their word finding abilities. The Coach is a CPU designed by Word Streak to help players improve.


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