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Quick Review: Paradise Bay Is A Familiar Tropical Vacation!paradisebayreview

How about having your own tropical island for some quick fun? Paradise Bay pretty much offers all of the things as FarmVille, with a few necessary changes.

A shift towards the island

Developer King is best known for their match-threes, but with Paradise Bay, the team is probably diversifying their business in the app zone. So, players are thrown in an island, where they must do all the essential tasks – fish, grow, build and everything else – to revive the island. Pretty much like Hay Day, you start slow, but soon, you have more tasks, rewards, money and other items to be won.

While there is no denying that Paradise Bay does borrow a lot from the farming apps, it does deliver in terms of graphics, game play and interface. Even the smallest elements have been given great detail, which works great. So if you need to make nets, you must first grow cotton, which are then used with turtles to catch fish. The fish can be further used to grill. Then, there is huge number of requests from islanders, and the checklist is pretty long. In short, this is quite a busy game, which is kind of great, for players are barely jaded.


The hooks work big time!

Of course, there are in-app purchases that may seem fairly significant. With fun and happening characters and luminous graphics, Paradise Bay seems fun, but if you know building games, you will realize that the in-app purchases are quite recognizable. Some of the actions will require gems, which come for real currency, unless you are quick with the various game requirements.

The flip trip

If the in-app purchases are something you can skip, you will find the timer tasks infuriating. To speed things up, you need hard cash, much like Hay Day and the alike. Even though intended to be a great building game, it has all the trappings of freemiums.

Final verdict

Although short on original concepts, Paradise Bay does offer a good vacation for most reasons. Check real cash spending, and this one wouldn’t disappoint. Probably, one would give one star extra for the graphics alone.

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