Scrubby Dubby Saga Review

Review: Scrubby Dubby Saga Is Predictable, But Fun!Scrubby Dubby Saga Review

King’s Scrubby Dubby Saga is yet another match-three game, which promises to takes players beyond sweet candies, for some more matching in a magical soap-land.

Predictable twists with soaps

Candy Crush Saga continues to be developer King’s main pull, but with Scrubby Dubby Saga, they probably intend to take the match-three games to the next level, with a few banal twists. So, here players aren’t swapping tiles to match candies. Instead, the finger should aim at sliding columns and rows to match tiles, or ‘soaps’ as the game says.

As with most games from King, there is a set premise in a Soapland, where players must play around to clean the mess. Honestly, most users won’t bother about the back story, given that the basic interface remains the same. For a while, it is pretty much engaging, at least for players who are done with Candy Crush.


Move the smart way

As mentioned earlier, here you just cannot swap single pieces, but if you move one, the entire row or column goes for a shift.  The game play is interesting as the pieces that slide away from a column or row will reemerge on the other side. To add the challenge, there are simple goals of collecting same colored or shaped soaps, so the player must look at the entire field of the game, instead of just thinking about instant matches. At times, you might find yourself asking for that one move, which could have changed it all.

Inevitable design, more colors

The standard formula may seem repetitive to some, but for King fans, this one probably makes way for some extra fun. Of course, the design and interface continues to be about a whole range of colors, and there isn’t anything you haven’t seen before. In between, you get a check with animations, which tell the back story of the characters.

Final verdict

As a light-hearted game, Scrubby Dubby Saga isn’t harmful. For a change, swapping for rows and column matching seems like a fresh change for adjacent candies.
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