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Review: Slither.Io Takes The Right Moves

Lovedthe classic game of Snake?, by developer Steve Howse, brings the exact kind of fun, but with a much better design and multiplayer action! Here’s a quick take.

Borrowed for addictive fun!

For starters, is a free game that borrows heavily from the classic Snake and Thankfully, the developers have spared us from a story, and the premise is pretty simple. The player must keep collecting (read eating) colorful balls to keep the snake moving, while avoiding all other giant snakes on the board.

While this might seem like a pretty laidback task, things get messy after a while as the snake gets bigger. It’s tough to stay protected from other snakes, some being truly creepy! Bigger snakes try to catch the smaller snakes in loops to take their essence, and for keeping up with all that, the game requires quite some attention.

Customize your snake

To its advantage, the game doesn’t really have many details for the players. Since the premise works on a black background, the colors scheme is pretty much attractive, and while there aren’t many features, players can choose to customize the snake with a few variety of skins. Visually, is a treat, even on the smaller devices.

Unpredictability works brings the essence of Snake, but it remains quiteunpredictable and effective, which is startling. The whole multiplayer arena creates quite a mystifying atmosphere, and just to have additional players around makes the interface much more likeable and engaging.

On the flip side is all fun and brings the initial nostalgia, there isn’t anything new to be discovered, which certainly leaves a question on the longevity of the game. It works better on larger screens, mainly because it’s easier to control the movements of the snake.

Final verdict

For those who are still seeking a better choice than Snake and something simpler than,Slither.ioworks like a decent choice. The makers didn’t want to create a layered game, and the simplicity of the concept shows in the design. An extra star for fantastic graphics!

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