That Level Again 3 Walkthrough

Hello Folks! Thank you for visiting our website. Below you will be able to find all That Level Again 3 Walkthrough and Solutions. Since you have landed here then most probably you are aware of the previous versions of That Level Again game developed by iamTagir. The main idea behind the game is very entertaining for all ages. Basically you have to use your logic in this exciting new brain-puzzle game. In case you are stuck in any of the That Level Again 3 levels then kindly use our answers below to pass any single level. Still cannot find what you are looking for? Drop us a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out!

That Level Again 3 Walkthrough

Level 1: Let’s start the game Press the Start Word in the sentence
Level 2: Good, but we need to change the background: Swipe left or right choose the side without spikes.
Level 3: Here’s The Button: Jump with the button on your right for 7 or more times and another button will appear.Drag the button on your lower left corner.Press PAUSE button when the menu appears drag the TRIANGLE button of the continue and place it near the left button.The key will appear take the key in the jump button and open the door.
Level 4: Its All in Your Hands: After opening the door you can move the platforms in the room with your fingers.After you lift up the block similar to an elevator swipe right dhe block and go back to the other room to take the key that has fallen down.Go back to the new room and swipe the block over the blades to your right so you can jump. Open the door.
Level 5:How do you press it: Turn back to the room you came and swipe the block to the left (three times the same go back and swipe) so you can jump in the elevator near the red button. Climb on the block and then drag the key with your finger to the red button so you can climb.
Level 6: Take this super key: Take the giant key by grabbing it and throwing it to open the door.
Level 7: Lets see how you’ll handle this: Jump on the super and drag the key with yourself on top of the wall.After climbing with the key go near the blue wall and through the key to your left. It will appear on your right and will press the button.
Level 8: The Door is not open: Put your finger in the NOT word and with the other fingers advance to the opened door.
Level 9: You shall not pass: Push the character with the key.
Level 10: You wont break through: You can control the ball with spikes by tilting the device. Til to the right side than left so the spikes take power and break the wall.
Level 11: A little bit further: Break the wall with the key from the top right where you see a crack. Put the key on a second green button through the wall hole you opened dont put the key in the first red button.To double jump tap jump with two fingers at once don’t hold them to close.

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